The Easy Way to Verify a Whiz Account, Let Your Profits Double!

Whiz Account Verification – Whizmates, while studying about good money habitsit's not just about upgrading your financial habits, but it's also about upgrading your Whiz account!

By verifying your account, you can get lots of benefits from the features in the Whiz financial application, what's going on?

1) Bigger balance limit, so you can save up to Rp. 20,000,000 in your Whiz account
2) Easier way to send money to other Whiz accounts
3) Transfer to Bank or VA and pay with QRIS without any administrative fees!
4) Money-back guarantee and many other benefits.

The method for verifying an account on the Whiz financial application is very easy to do, the conditions are also not complicated. It is enough to have a Whiz account and an identity card issued by the government (for example: e-KTP or Family Card). Apart from that, don't worry, all your personal data is stored safely, Whizmates!

For complete information, see the article below!

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Requirements that Need to Be Prepared

1. Parent/Child Accounts over 17 years old

For parent accounts or child accounts over 17 years, you only need to prepare your identity card or ID card. After that, you will be asked to upload an ID card and also a selfie photo holding an ID card.

2. Accounts for children under 17 years old

For accounts of children under 17 years old, you must connect (link) the account to the parent account first, OK! You can see how to connect an account this article!

Then, you can prepare your KIA or Family Card.

Easy Way to Verify Your Account Safely

Here's how to verify the account.

1. Click the 'Profile' icon then select 'Upgrade Account'

Whiz Account Verification

On the homepage menu, click 'profile.' After that, click 'Upgrade Account.'

2. Click 'Start Account Upgrade'

Whiz Account Verification

You can see the benefits you get if you verify your account. Then click 'Start Account Upgrade'.

3. Upload your data (ID card)

Upload the picture of your ID card. If you are under 17 years old and have linked your account to your parents, you can upload your KIA or Family Card photo.

4. Upload a Selfie

Upgrading Your Whiz Account

After that, upload a selfie of you holding your ID card.

Make sure the document you upload is clear and not blurry!

5. Fill in Your Personal Data

At this step, make sure all your personal data is correct and there are no typing errors, Whizmates!

Then click 'Confirm Data'!

6. Wait for the Verification Process

Upgrading Your Whiz Account

Account verification complete! All you have to do is wait for the data verification process to be carried out by the team within 1×24 hours.

You will get a notification in the Whiz app regarding your verification status if it has been approved or rejected, and the reason for the rejection.

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So that's how to upgrade or verify an account in the Whiz money management app. It's very easy, isn't it?! Let's upgrade your Whiz account now!

Download and Upgrade Your Account on Whiz App Now!