Whiz and New Primagama: Register for a Class and Get a Free Whiz Balance!

Whiz and New Primagama - As we approach the last semester, it is time for you to prepare by participating in tutoring lessons that can help you hone your first principle thinking and mathematics and pass the SNBT (UTBK) 2023.

Whiz and Primagama have collaborated so that you can get additional study materials and extra pocket money simultaneously!

By signing up for any Primagama lesson package, you can get a Whiz balance of Rp100,000. - Check out the below terms and conditions!

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Whiz and New Primagama's Financial Application for Balance

Program Period 19 December 2022 to 31 January 2023.

1. Requirements to Join the Program:

a. Valid for users who register for any Primagama Package at Jabodetabek and Surabaya branches and get a voucher code that can be used when downloading the Whiz application
b. Download and register on the Whiz application and enter the voucher code in the referral code line

2. Prize Claim Terms:

a. Program participants who have met the requirements (1a), and (1b) will get a prize in the form of an electronic money balance on the Whiz application worth Rp100.000,- (one hundred thousand rupiah)
b. Promo quota is limited to the program's first 200 (two hundred) participants daily during the program period.
c. Prizes will be given to Participants no later than D+2 after the program conditions are met.
d. Participants have never claimed prizes from the new user promo program organized by Whiz.

3. Disclaimer:

a. This program is voluntary, free of charge, and free of charge
b. Giving gifts is the absolute authority of Whiz.
c. Whiz has the right to cancel the program at any time or cancel the awarding of prizes if participating in this program the Participant is indicated by fraud without the need to prove it to the Participant.
d. These Terms and Conditions may change from time to time at Whiz's discretion.
e. The program does not apply to employees and affiliates of Whiz or Zenius.
f. Participants acknowledge agreeing to these terms and conditions by participating in this program.

Register now and visit the nearest Primaga from your house to get a free Whiz balance. The subject matter increases, and pocket money abounds!

Download the Whiz App to Help Manage Your Finances!