How to withdraw Whiz . funds

How to Withdraw Funds From the Whiz Financial Application: Its Easy!

How to Withdraw Funds From the Whiz Financial Application – There are many interesting features of the Whiz financial application, one of feature is that you can Withdraw your money from everywhere! You can withdraw it with more easier, safer, and of course free methods.

Is the withdraw feature only for sending money to fellow Whiz users? Of course not! You can also make a bank transfer, you know!

Then, what if you want to make a transfer from the Whiz financial application to the bank? No need to worry, you can transfer Whiz funds to a bank very easily, with just 4 steps.

With our Transfer on Whiz app, parents can transfer funds to the bank practically. Come on, see the following steps!

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How to Transfer to a Bank using Whiz

Here are the steps to make a bank transfer using the Whiz financial application!

1. Click Icon 'Transfer' on the homepage

Click the 'transfer' icon to transfer funds to the bank.

2. Click 'Transfer to Bank/Virtual Account'

Then, click 'send to bank account/virtual account'

3. Choose Your Destination Bank

Next, select your destination bank, for example Bank Mandiri.

4. Fill in the Complete Information

Next, fill in the information in the form of bank account numbers, transfer amounts, and notes.

After everything is filled in, check the information again, then click the 'Continue' button.

5. Enter your PIN

After that, enter your PIN correctly.

6. Successful Transaction

Yey! Transaction was successful. Make sure you receive a transaction receipt like the picture below, OK!

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Well, that's how to withdraw Whiz funds to a bank account. Very fast and easy right? Come on, use Whiz and enjoy all the other interesting features!

Come on, download the Whiz application and experience your financial convenience right away