What Is Idle Cash?

Idle Cash - Have you ever heard that investing costs cold money? Then, really, what is the meaning of cold money itself? Cold money is money that is not used for any needs. In addition to investing, cold money is often used for emergency funds. 

Emergency funds are used for the unexpected. For example, when you get sick, or hit by a disaster, and so on. Meanwhile, money that is spent on investments must be used for specific purposes. 

Why should we invest using idle cash? The reason is that we feel free since the money allocated for investment is not used for daily needs. So, you can still enjoy investing while having your needs fulfilled.

Then, how to collect idle cash or idle funds? Come on, let's see the following explanation!

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How to Collect Idle Cash

idle cash
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1. Don't Buy What You Don't Need

avoid overconsumption

This first method is quite adequate, FYI,The reason is frequent shopping can take a longer time and harder for you to save money. Because by saving money, there will be some money that is set aside as idle cash.

Remember to sort out the things you don't need to buy. Because you only need some of the things you see since it could be just a want.

That way, you can make better use of your money. 

2. Avoid Debt

In addition to avoiding overconsumption, you must also avoid debt. Indeed, sometimes we unexpectedly or desperately need some money. Then we end up owing other people some money.

However, we can avoid it by setting up an emergency fund. So, when it is urgent, you can use the emergency fund. By not being in debt, you also will not have additional financial burdens.

3. Create a Budget For Your Income

idle cash

Next, you need to budget your income. In other words, you are expected to be able to record your income and expenses. So you'll have a more organized record and easily track your financial progress.

No need to worry! Now, you can record your finances with the Whiz financial application.. So you don't have to bother keeping track of everything manually. Whiz will also minimize the chance of forgetting to record your expenses or income.

After everything is organized, you also need to make a budgeting plan for your income. That way, you'll see what you need in the program more efficiently. If your daily needs are fulfilled, you can use the rest of your money as idle cash or idle funds.

4. Find Side Jobs

Apart from other methods, you can try this method too since getting a side job can increase your income. Don't be too worried. Try to find a job that matches your hobbies and skills. 

That way, you will feel free from the side job. Instead, your side hustle will create a newer atmosphere for you. 

Side jobs can manifest in a form of freelanceYou can do it between your regular work schedule. However, side jobs usually make less money than the main job.

That is certainly not a problem. Instead, it can be an opportunity to increase income. In addition, additional income will also increase the portion of your budget plan. So, the budget of your idle cash will be more and more. Your investments and emergency funds will also increase. 

5. Save Money and Make It a Routine

idle cash

This method may look simple, right? However, it can take a lot of work to be consistent. Sometimes, we are tempted to buy the things we want when we don't really need those.

The existence of deals and discounts can also be a challenge. The reason is that when the price of an item gets cheaper, we'll quickly buy it. Therefore, we sometimes need to hurry to buy a thing and get afraid if the item gets sold out fast.

So, let's get used to being consistent in saving your money. Then, we can proceed to collect more idle cash, both for emergency funds and investments. 

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Well, those are some ways to collect idle cash. It is essential to manage your money well, OK?

Hopefully, it will be easier for you to save and set aside some of your money after this. Moreover, managing your finances will get easier with the Whiz financial application..

With the app, you will get to use various exciting features. And, of course, those features will help you learn more about financial literacy. What are you waiting for? Come on, and let's try it now!