Personality type in managing finances

Personality Types in Managing Finances

Everyone must have a different way and type of personality in manage your finances. Have you ever thought about or compared your ways with your friends or family? Surely there will be unique things from each person when managing finances. This is also the reason for academics to conduct research on the type of personality in managing finances.

As a result, it turns out that there are several personality types in managing finances! A financial planner, Ray Linder, said that a person's ability to manage finances is influenced by the person's personality. Linder also divides the personality into 4 personality types.

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4 Personality Types in Managing Finances According to Ray Linder

personality type in managing finances

1. Pleaser (Pleasure Seeker Type)

People with the Pleaser type like to use their money for personal pleasure and those around them. They like to buy goods or food for the pleasure of friends or family. This type also tends to be extravagant because they always use their money for personal and other people's pleasure.

2. Players (Types of Players)

Next up are people with the Players type. People with the type of players like to use their money to play. They think that money is a game tool that can be used for personal pleasure.

For example, using money to buy games, or excessive top-ups. This type tends to be consumptive and impulsive in using their money.

3. Protector (Guard Type)

People with tpe Protector are very future-minded and conservative in guarding their money. This type likes to buy goods that are known for their quality. They also like to make detailed financial plans to feel safe.

Unfortunately, this type will severely limit what can and can't be bought. As a result, they find it difficult to enjoy life and make decisions when there are changes in their finances.

4. Planner (Planner Type)

The last type is Planner. People with this type tend to be careful and can manage finances well. Although at first glance the Planner type is similar to the Protector, but this type is more capable of taking risks.

After reading Ray Linder's personality types, which type do you think you belong to?

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5 Types of Managing Finances According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Resources

In addition to Ray Linder, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Resources also conducted a similar study. The result is that there are 5 personality types in managing finances. Let's take a look at these types!

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1. Spender

People with the Spender type like to use money to buy goods or services that make them happy. As a result, they tend to find it difficult to save and set priorities.

2. Hoarder

Hoarder types like to save and prioritize financial circumstances. It is mandatory for them to have a structured budget and that budget must always be reviewed regularly. This type is very careful and thorough in managing finances.

3. Avoiders

Avoider type is the type of person who has difficulty in managing finances. They have difficulty managing salaries, paying bills, and tend to pay taxes when the deadline is close.

They don't know how much money they have, how much they owe, or how much they spend. This type is very careless and not wise in managing finances.

4. Amasser

Amasser type people are happiest when they have a lot of money to save, use, or invest. They tend to equate money with self-esteem and power. That is, they feel like a failure when they don't have much money.

5. Money Monk

Money Monk types think that money is dirty, bad, and can make people bad. Broadly speaking, they believe that money is the root of all evil. This type is very cynical about money and avoids it as much as possible.

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Those are the personality types in managing finances according to Ray Linder and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Resources. After reading these types, which type do you think you are? Make sure to always have a wise financial plan!

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