plants that make money

8 Plants That Make Money

Plants That Make Money – Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have started trying new activities. Because boredom is often felt because it is too long to stay at home. Many have started to use their vacant land to grow crops. Instead of being a new hobby, farming is also used by the community to increase income. Usually, it applies to ornamental plants. 

Not only does it need maximum care, but knowing the types of plants that sell in the market is also important. What are the plants that can make money? Immediately, let's look at the following plants that make money!

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Plants That Make Money

1. Sri Fortune Plant


The popularity of ornamental plants is increasingly peaking during the pandemic. Although it has been in demand by the public since the first. Call it, the ornamental plant Anthurium which became the prima donna in 2017. Many are vying to sell it.

Now, in 2022, the trend of ornamental plants is also still surviving. The Sri Rejeki plant aka Aglaonema is a favorite. Its main charm lies in its elegant and aesthetic leaf color. In fact, making the market price reach 20-60 thousand rupiah.

This plant has a variety of leaf colors. However, there are two popular colors, namely green leaves with red patterns and white ones. This Sri Fortune plant has a growth that tends to be slow. However, that is precisely what makes it unique. Because, the growth of the leaves will be eagerly awaited. 

There is also a mention that Sri Fortune has a blooming time between March to May and around June to August. 

2. Adenium Plants

Source: Ruparupa

The next ornamental plant is Adenium or often referred to as Cambodia Japan. This plant is quite unique. In fact, it's quite rare. Distribution and sales are also limited. What are the causes?

The main characteristic of this plant is that it has a large and short hump. Uniquely, the stem can also grow upwards from the hump. Not only that, the flowers bloom with a beautiful color combination, namely pink and white. Beautiful color composition, Whizmate! 

That's what makes many people fall in love with Adenium. In fact, they are willing to reach into their pockets up to 50 million rupiah to get it. The price is quite high, yes! Thus, Adenium plants can be an opportunity for those of you who want to earn millions of rupiah. Come on, try to plant it!

3. Venus Plant Flytrap

Furthermore, there are also Venus plants Flytrap. This plant, known as a flytrap, is a carnivorous plant, aka a flesh-eating plant. Quite unique, right? 

Venus Flytrap It has oval-shaped claws with a diameter of about 10 cm. So, if there are flies or other insects, he will close his claws. After that, the insect is swallowed and will be lubricated by its deadly enzymes.

Although it looks terrible, this plant is widely cultivated because it has unique characteristics. In fact, it is valued at 50–120 thousand rupiah. 

4. Euphorbia Plants

Actually, this plant has become a prima donna in 2008. However, now its name is sticking out again in the community. Although the stems are filled with thorns, the beautiful flower colors are able to attract people's attention.

The flowers also have various colors. There are red, yellow, purple, and yellowish red. Unfortunately, the red Euphorbia flower only has nine months to live. Another case with white Euphorbia flowers can last longer, which is about one year. 

Uniquely, if the age has exceeded the limit, this flower will not wither or fall. Instead, it will grow, but turn into green leaves. Thanks to its uniqueness, the Euphorbia plant was valued at millions of rupiah. Unfortunately, now the price is only around 35-75 thousand rupiah.

5. Monstera Plants

Whizmate must know about this plant, right? Yep! Monster! This plant, which is also known as the widow hole, is in great demand by the public. The reason is, Monstera is often used as an interior decoration for a minimalist or Scandinavian style home.

Monstera's appearance stole the public's attention. Starting from the shiny and heart-shaped leaves to the holes in the leaves. 

In fact, the holes are the result of gene mutations in plants. As a result, the monstera grew abnormally. 

However, unexpectedly, the imperfection actually brings benefits. The holes are what make Monstera unique and distinctive. In fact, the hole in the Monstera leaf is one of the benchmarks for its selling price. 

Apart from the leaves iconic, Monstera is also included as a vine. This allows it to stick to the surrounding trees. However, not as a parasite, yes!

So far, Monstera is estimated to have 45 types. Some of them can produce a fairly high selling value. Now, Monstera alias widow perforated is valued at around 65–145 thousand rupiah.

6. Nusa Indah Plants


The next plant that can make money is the Nusa Indah plant. Whizmate can get 20–45 thousand from its sales. 

The color of the flowers also varies. Starting from pink, white, red, to green. However, it is usually easier for us to find Nusa Indah flowers which are pink. 

The flowers look very dense and showy. In fact, the leaves are not visible because they are covered by flowers that grow in clusters.

Actually, you can find this flower on the side of the road. However, not many people know that this flower can make money. As a result, its cultivation is not too widespread.

7. Adam and Eve's Plants

Next, there is the Adam and Eve plant or often referred to as the shell pineapple. This plant comes from mainland Central America.

Adam and Eve plants do well in moist soil. In addition, the leaves have two different colors, namely dark green on the top and purple on the bottom.

This plant reminds us of pineapple. The difference is, this plant does not produce fruit. Apart from being an ornamental plant, Adam and Eve can be used as a medicinal plant. The leaves can be used as an infusion or can be used directly on the face that is allergic.

Not only that, this plant is often used as a medicine for inflammation, coughs, and diarrhea. Wow, that's quite a lot of benefits. With its many benefits, Adam and Eve's plants are valued at 10-30 thousand rupiahs.

8. Rose Plant

plants that make money

Just like Monstera, it seems that many people already know about roses. Although the stems are filled with thorns, roses are still in great demand by the public. In fact, their existence is still popular today. That is, the cultivation of roses is still widely practiced. Its growth is also quite adaptive. The reason is, this flower can grow in pots or pots poly bag.

Usually, this flower is sold for around 30-80 thousand. The price may increase when there are certain national celebrations. Not only for business purposes. However, the rose is a symbol of love and fidelity. 

So, roses are synonymous with vibes romantic. In fact, it is often used in various celebrations, such as weddings, graduations, and so on.

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Well, that's 8 plants that make money. How? Have you been interested in farming? In addition to adding to the beauty, you can also increase your income through the sale of flowers. Come on, try farming from now on! In addition to saving the environmental ecosystem, you can also increase your own income, you know!