Purchasing with Whiz

Purchasing with Whiz on Tokopedia, Shopee, and Bukalapak!

Purchasing with Whiz – Online shopping is not something new, right Whizmatesalmost all necessities like clothing, electronics, fresh vegetables, and fruits online. The process is also easy. You can order via cellphone, pay, and wait until the courier or the delivery person knocks on your house.

However, the convenience of online shopping unconsciously makes us spend more money, especially if we don't record our daily expenses and are accustomed to using various payment methods. Suddenly your money is gone without knowing where it went.

Therefore, all your expenses have to be recorded in one application, including the costs for payments on online merchants, you can use the Whiz money management app! Purchasing with Whiz? Of course, you can do it on any Shopee or Tokopedia or Bukalapak merchants! Let's see how to do it below!

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How to Pay with Whiz

Now Whiz is available to make payments at your favorite online merchants by using the “Payment” or “Transfer” feature in Whiz. The process is,

1. Place an order at your favorite merchant site/app

2. When selecting the payment method, select “Bank Transfer”. Select a bank account that Whiz can currently process, as shown below.

Tokopedia: Mandiri VA, BRI VA, Danamon VA, CIMB VA
Shopee: BNI VA 
Bukalapak: Danamon VA, Permata VA, BRI VA

3. Click 'Confirm' and make an order.

After that, you will get a virtual account number (VA). Write down or copy the number. Then open the Whiz app for payment processing. Here's how.

1. Select the 'Payment' or 'Transfer' icon on the homepage menu

Open your Whiz app and click on the 'Payments' icon on the homepage menu.

You can also use the 'Transfer' feature and click on 'Send to Bank Account/Virtual Account'.

2. Click on Bank Transfer/Virtual Account

Then a QR screen will appear. You can click on 'Bank Transfer/Virtual Account.'

3. Click on a bank option

Purchasing with Whiz

Then a large selection of banks that are available will appear. You can choose a bank according to the bank you select earlier at the online merchant, for example, Bank Mandiri.

4. Enter the virtual account number and click on “Continue”

In the bank account details, enter the VA number and the amount of money you need to transfer or pay. Make sure the amount follows the purchase receipt!

After that, click on the 'Continue' button to process the payment.

5. Enter you Whiz PIN

Make sure the PIN you entered is correct!

6. Yeay, You made the payment!

Ta-da! Payment completed. Make sure you receive a transaction receipt like the picture beside, dear Whizmates.

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Well, that's the way to pay online merchants with the Whiz Money Management App! It is pretty easy. Because you don't have to worry about your expenses being spread across multiple apps, by using Whiz, you can pay for online purchases, buy credit/data packages, transfer some money, and many more. You can check on your expenses regularly too!

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