10 Roles of Family in Supporting Children's Achievements

The Role of Families in Supporting Children's Achievements – Family is one of the most important factors in supporting children's growth and development. A good family is a family that successfully carries out its role to support children to achieve and grow to the fullest.

Therefore, as a family there are several important roles to carry out in order to support children's achievements to the maximum. Whiz has summarized 10 roles of families in supporting children's achievement that need to be known. Let's see together!

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10 Roles of Family in Supporting Children's Achievements

The Role of Families in Supporting Children's Achievements

Here are 10 roles of families in supporting children's achievements that you need to know!

1. Helping Children Find Interests

Children tend to have an interest in various things. They need to learn and explore more about their field of interest. At this time, parents need to help children find their interests. Accompany children to learn new things and provide support.

2. Help Direct Children

The Role of Families in Supporting Children's Achievements

In life, children will definitely be faced with problems. Starting from everyday problems, learning problems, to long-term problems such as choosing a study and career. The role of parents is very important to help direct their children to make the best decisions for themselves.

Parents can help provide the best choices for the child's consideration. However, parents should not impose their will, give choices and opinions, then let the children make their own decisions.

3. Help Provide Resources

So that children can learn and do activities optimally, they need to get enough and good resources too. Parents should facilitate children with good resources. Provide children with an environment and equipment that is conducive to learning, send children to quality places, put children in tutoring places that match their interests, etc. This will help children to excel.

4. Creating a Conducive Environment

The environment is a major factor in the formation of a person's character and habits. If parents want their children to excel, then parents need to form a conducive environment for their children. For example, when the child is studying, make sure there are no noise disturbances nearby. Also make sure the place where the child learns is comfortable. In addition, form a supportive family environment for children.

5. Be a Good Listener

Children will sometimes experience difficulties and problems in their lives. Try to be a good listener when children tell stories. Don't interrupt the conversation and don't make patronizing comments. Just listen to your child and empathize with what he's going through. Children will feel appreciated and supported by their parents, so that they can grow well.

6. Become a Main Supporter

The most important role of the family for children is to be the main supporter. Always provide support to children, from daily life to special activities that children participate in. Families can provide support in simple ways, such as congratulating a child for their achievements and hard work, to great appreciation, such as giving a child's dream gift.

7. Helping Children Know Their Strengths and Weaknesses

So that children can maximize their potential, he needs to know what strengths and weaknesses he has. Unfortunately, it is difficult for someone to judge themselves objectively. Therefore, families need to help children know the strengths and weaknesses that exist in them. Also instill self-confidence and confidence to be able to turn a child's shortcomings into strengths. In addition, give an understanding that he is valuable, even with his shortcomings.

8. Be a Reminder to Rest

Parental Obligations to Children

Sometimes children are too late with their studies and activities that they forget to rest. Families need to remind children to rest for a while, don't get too tired.

9. Become a Place of Entertainment

Everyone must have felt tired and stressed, as well as children. They need a pleasant place to unwind. Here, families can act as a place of entertainment for children. Greet children with joy and warmth, also show affection for them. Do fun activities together so that children feel entertained.

10. Be a Good Mentor

Children need a figure who can be used as a role model and a place to learn in their lives. Families need to fulfill this role, namely as a good mentor for children. Guide your child patiently and provide advice that will help him in the future.

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Those are 10 roles of families in supporting children's achievements that are important to note. Make sure your child feels supported in their learning process and is a good listener!

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