The Importance of Preparing Children's Education Fund

The Importance of Preparing Children's Education Fund, Parents Must Know

The Importance of Preparing Children's Education FundParents! According to survey HSBC, Indonesia is ranked 13th with the most expensive education funds, you know.

Education costs or funds are still a frightening specter for most parents in Indonesia. This is because education funds can make parents' income run out instantly. Not to mention other needs to support each child's interests and talents.

Therefore, many parents are starting to realize and prepare education funds in advance. What is the importance of preparing children's education funds and when is the right time to prepare children's education funds? Let's see the explanation!

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What is a Children's Education Fund?

As parents, we definitely want to prepare the best for our children, especially when it comes to children's education. Parents are willing to spend a lot of money on their children's education.

Funds or costs for children's education are important funds to facilitate children's education starting from elementary school, high school, to maybe college. 

Children's education costs can be in the form of tuition fees, monthly fees, and other school needs. Education funds are not unexpected or sudden expenses.

When having children, parents should have thought about how the cost of their child's education will be. Therefore, it is very necessary to separate children's education funds and prepare education funds in advance.

When Should You Prepare for Tuition Fees?

The Importance of Preparing Children's Education Fund

Education funds need to be prepared at least one year before they are needed. When children enter school age, the funds for their education must be ready. So, parents need to prepare and collect education funds in advance.

What things must be considered in calculating children's education funds?

When planning a child's education, start estimating the components of the costs that will be incurred, such as tuition fees, semester or monthly fees, book fees, uniform fees, and so on. Start to do a small survey for these costs.

After that, also calculate the time the child arrives at school. For example, when your child is 2 years old, you have 5 years until your child enters the first grade of elementary school.

Do not forget to think about inflation that will occur. Every year the cost of education can increase up to 10-15% per year, you know. After that, start to calculate your child's education fund and move the funds so that they are not used for other needs.

Is it Important to Prepare an Education Fund?

You already know when to prepare children's education funds and things to consider when calculating education funds, but are still unsure whether it is important to prepare education funds in advance? So that you don't hesitate anymore, let's see why.

1. The Expensive Education Fund Today

As explained above, Indonesia is one of the countries with the most expensive education funds or costs. Not to mention, inflation on education funds reached 15% per year.

If you don't prepare in advance, all your income will be used up just to pay for your child's school fees. Not to mention there are other needs that are no less urgent. Sure, do you still want to prepare education funds suddenly like you know it all?

2. School Quality Is Related to Cost

Some people think that the best school is the one with the most expensive tuition fees. Even though schools with high costs do not guarantee that these schools have the best quality. Differences in school fees usually occur because the facilities available are different for each school.

By preparing education funds in advance, parents usually conduct surveys to schools and adjust their children's education to the income of the parents while still thinking about the quality of the school.

3. Economic Conditions Are Not Always Good

The Importance of Preparing Children's Education Fund

Maybe now you think you can pay for your child's education as high as possible. However, the economic condition of a country is always fluctuating. Right now, maybe your income is large enough and safe for your child's education, but what about when economic conditions are down, and your income automatically goes down and even has to stop.

Therefore, it is important for parents to prepare children's education funds as early as possible. In addition, parents must also be committed to maintaining these funds so that they are not used for other needs.

4. Human Physical Conditions That Are Not Always Healthy

As with economic conditions, human health conditions can also decline. Currently you can work to meet the needs of your family and your child's education so you don't prepare finances for the future. But, what if your health suddenly declines and you don't have any savings?

Therefore, preparing finances for the future, including children's education funds is also very necessary, you know!

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