what is meant by budget

What does it means by budgeting?

Know what budgeting is Have you ever heard of budgeting? What is in your mind when you hear about it? What is budgeting?

Generally, the term budgeting is used to discuss things about finance. Budgeting is a financial plan that is constructed at a particular time. It is usually presented in a written form. 

So, what is budgeting used for? Let’s discuss it!

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The Function of Budgeting

what is meant by budget

To Plan

To plan a budget, one must be aware of the relations among instruments and aspects of the financial circulation while constructing it. An efficient financial condition must ensure everything goes smoothly without interference. In other words, budgeting is done to illustrate better the detail of one's private fund's spending.

To Execute

On the other hand, budgeting is also used to execute things or projects that benefit the investor. This means that budgeting is often utilized as a guide to managing specific projects to fulfill the investor's financial goal, producing profit. 

The purpose is not to find mistakes but to prevent and fix errors in your financial management.

To Supervise or To Control

The supervising function means that the budget is used to evaluate between the realization and the financial plans that have been made. 

The purpose is not to find mistakes but to prevent and to fix mistakes in your financial management.

Do you get it now? Now that you know to budget, how to make it next. Let's talk about it more!

How to Make a Budget Planning

how to make a budget

Budgeting is an important thing to do. If one has budget plans, one can prevent excessive spending when buying stuff you don't need. Here is how to do it.

Calculate Your Income

calculate your total income

The first step you have to do for this is to calculate all of your incomes, both your regular and temporary ones. Remember that you must calculate your payment only after you have paid your tax. Hence, the one that you estimate is your net income.

After you calculate it, you can recheck it to ensure that no typing mistake is done during the input number of funds you put in it for the following budget plans. The reason is the amount of income that you write will be the benchmark for allocating the budget later.

Calculate The Bills and Other Expenses

Other than calculating your income, it would help to calculate the bills and other regular expenses you need to pay. 

You can calculate in detail what purchases have been made, including other needs that must be paid regularly, like the apartment rent fees, transportation bills, etc. 

After listing all the bills, make a sum of all the expenses to know how much you must pay. 

Make a Budgeting Category Budget

Next, you must classify your expenses. 

Take an entertainment fund, for example. The money you spend on eating out, traveling, and going to the cinema may be trivial, but it is advisable to have a record of them to regulate your spending better.

Start Saving


After you are done making a budget for your daily needs, you will also need to make one on your savings. Because of protection, your financial condition will be healthier since you will not overspend to buy unneeded products.

In addition, saving can be a way to reach your other goals, like buying a house, studying overseas, or even simply making your parents happy. In that case, a good saving is a saving that is purposefully left, not something that is left.

That is why remember to plan your budget for saving, okay?

5. Investment


Unlike saving, investment is made for a long-term goal. An asset can be a powerful tool to prepare future funds better. 

Moreover, investment can also be an effective instrument to avoid the pressure of inflation since your money will grow, especially if you start investing as early as possible. 

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Setting Up Emergency Funds

The last budgeting process you have to do is setting up emergency funds. Even though you have already set the budget for your various needs, sometimes an unplanned expense occurs, like going to the doctor, a natural disaster, etc.

Due to that, unplanned expenses tend to happen at any time. We cannot predict it. And to prepare for it, you have to set aside emergency funds to cover it when that happens.

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So, how is it? Do you better understand what budgeting is? When constructing a budget, remember to start regulating your money. You can do it by using the Whiz financial application. to make it more practical. Also use Whiz Smart Saver to help you get high profits.

Hopefully after this, you can put it into practice straight away!