What is a Newsletter? Let's Get to Know It!

What is a Newsletter – Does anyone like to write newsletters? Or have you ever written one? It turns out that making a newsletter is quite simple! You can be good at designing or be a design expert. The most important thing is your interest in managing it.

Usually, it is the responsibility of the Student Council (StuCo) members (or OSIS/Intra-School Organization in Indonesia) or the writing community, if your school has one, to manage the newsletter. So, are you interested in making a newsletter? Before writing one, it's better first to read the explanation of what a newsletter is!

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What is a Newsletter?

What is a Newsletter?

For those of you who still don't know what a newsletter is, a newsletter or a bulletin is a type of publication carried out by a group or organization that raises a specific theme to be released or published regularly. You can do the release or publication every week or every month.

The scope of a newsletter is also relatively narrow. Usually, a newsletter only raises one particular theme, FYI! The writing also tends to be concise. The writing usually uses formal language and many terms by the raised theme.

So, this will increase your knowledge about foreign and new terms. Very interesting, right?

Functions of A Newsletter According to Onong U. Effendy

So, what is the function of a newsletter? Well, according to Onong U. Effendy, a newsletter has four main functions, which are:

1. Providing Information (to inform)

The first function of a newsletter is to provide information to its readers about ideas or thoughts, people's behavior, events or activities that occur, and much more.

You can put any information in a newsletter as long as it doesn't offend ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group elements.

Take a moment to look at the newsletter in your school's wall magazine. The contents are undoubtedly close to information on activities or issues currently being discussed in your school environment or community. Isn't that right?

2. Delivering Education (to educate)

In addition, the next function of a newsletter, namely as a means of education. You can also provide general knowledge through newsletters.

In addition to being useful for others, it must also be helpful for you. Before making the newsletter, you may need to learn about the topic. Then, with your idea of making a newsletter, you acquire knowledge about certain things. Come on, try to create one!

3. Giving Influence (to influence)

With a newsletter, you can also influence your friends or teachers at school, FYI. For example, in extracurricular activities or if your organization needs help for new members, you can write a newsletter by inviting and influencing other students to join.

Another example is if your school is holding an event, you can also create a newsletter to influence readers, a.k.a the students or even students from other schools to come to your school event.

You can also promote your business. If you encourage it with unique sentences and words, those who read may be influenced and interested in buying your goods.

4. Producing Entertainment (to entertain)

The last function, a newsletter, is also a means of entertainment! You can even write short stories, haikus, poetry, or show your drawings.

Therefore, those who read or see the newsletter will certainly feel entertained. Come on, let's try to make one!

Other Functions of a Newsletter

Meanwhile, there are also other functions of a newsletter. Let's take a look at this explanation, and don't miss it!

1. As an Outlet for Students' Creativity

What is a Newsletter?

Being able to have creative and imaginative students is the mission of every school. You can manifest these two things by making a newsletter as a means for students to channel their creativity.

You can use newsletters to practice your creativity and imagination as a student. You can teach yourself to be a journalist and use your writing skills well.

If you already have that talent, the school can look at you and recommend you participate in writing competitions or other creative activities. The achievements you get when you win will also get your school good things like recognition and prestige!

So, there's nothing to lose to express your ideas and creativity, right?

2. As a Promotional Tool for School

You must know that school promotions must also always be organized and programmed neatly. This is what makes the school program known by many people.

So, in that way, the newsletter can be used as a promotional tool for school to the wider community. With a newsletter, your parents can also know the quality of your school when they are dropping off, picking up, or picking up your report cards.

If the newsletter looks interesting, surely many people will be interested in inviting their friends or relatives so that their children can also attend your school.

Then, what are the contents to make your newsletter interesting and how?

The method is very simple since you only need to provide information about the school's vision and mission, school activities, and the achievements of the school. The design also doesn't need to be too extravagant. As long as your sentences are interactive, they will make people read and can also influence the reader.

3. As a Documentation for School Programs

What is a Newsletter?

Sometimes, many school programs are not documented. Now, with this newsletter, you can present and put some pictures related to the school programs and the accompanying narration or caption.

So, readers can understand better and can also assess the strengths of your school through this newsletter.

Fun Ways to Create Newsletters at School

Don't worry! Creating a newsletter is easy as long as there is a will. Well, for those of you who are still confused, here are the ways to make a newsletter at school. Don't miss it!

1. Create a Newsletter Design Bulletin

In order to make your newsletter look attractive, as a beginner, you can use platforms like Canva, Picsart, or Corel Draw. This is because each app has an attractive template, which you can use immediately, so you don't have to worry about your newsletter design concept.

2. Collect a Newsletter Content

Gather some material or contents that will be the theme of your newsletter. At this stage, you need more accuracy because you have to summarize the contents you get. Not everything has to be included in the newsletter.

You need to keep this in mind, OK? Because readers usually prefer it if the content is short and easy to understand.

3. Display the Newsletter on the Wall Magazine or Other Media Forms

Don't forget to put your newsletter on the school wall magazine. In fact, in the current digitalization era, you can upload newsletters on online platforms, such as school websites, and so on.

This newsletter can also increase the interest in literacy at your school, so it's a good idea to make more newsletters so that people will read often.

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How? Interesting, right? Then, don't hesitate to put your ideas in a newsletter, OK!

You can also create a newsletter about promotions on the Whiz financial application. which has many benefits and benefits!