8 Benefits of Playing Video Games, Unbelievable!

Benefit of Playing Video Games You are undoubtedly familiar with hearing that people often play video games, . Are they lazy people? Do you think that statement is valid?

Even though playing video games, is meant to do at break time, video games, it is beneficial for our mental and brain health, you know! This has also been proven by international research. Wow, interesting, right? You must be more excited to play video games,.

Want to know what are the benefits of playing video games? Take a good look at this article!

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8 Benefits of Playing Video Games

1. Improve Spatial Skills

8 Benefits of Playing Video Games, Unbelievable!

Do you already know what spatial skill is? If you don't know, don't worry, Whizmin will explain it.

Guven & Kosa (2008) stated, "Spatial ability concerns a person's ability to understand, store, remember, and create mental images of form and space. One of the video games, that can improve this ability is shooting games.

In video games, that focus on shooting, you are required to think quickly and decide which targets you want to shoot at. Apart from that, you are also required to understand and remember which places are not safe if you are there or which places are often passed by the enemy.

This brief explanation shows that video games, focused on shooting mechanics are indeed the most powerful for improving spatial skills.

2. Sharpen Problem Solving Skills

8 Benefits of Playing Video Games, Unbelievable!

The central mechanic of a video games, is is problem solving, both for video games, that focused on shooting or other genre. Each puzzle on video games, has different complexity in each level or game.

For example, in shooting video games, you will need to find a route from A to B zone. It would be best if you also found the pattern to solve puzzles and other problem-solving skills involved. Especially video games, developers were given a few instructions. It makes you even more eager to solve the puzzle, right?

By video games,teenagers can solve problems by trial and error to gain knowledge or seek solutions. Of course, this has also been done in-depth research!

3. Increase Creativity Skills

8 Benefits of Playing Video Games, Unbelievable!

Improve creativity skills relates to points one and two above. If you already have the two abilities above, you also indirectly have the creativity to solve problems in the real world that you might not have solved before.

Aside of that, there also many video games, that can help you to which makes you able to express your thoughts and imagination so that from here your creativity will increase!

4. Improve Emotional State

Playing video games, is one of the most effective ways for children and adolescents to re-create positive feelings. Do you have also the type of children like that?

Some studies have also shown a cause-and-effect relationship between playing video games, that their love will improve mood. For example, puzzle games know to strengthen attitudes, improve relaxation, and prevent anxiety. It is potent.

Also, it is essential, you know, to have positive emotions every day. Fredrickson says that experiencing positive emotions can broaden and build social relationships, supporting pursuing of goals and overcoming failure.

Playing video games is also important, isn't it?

5. Hone Social Skills

8 Benefits of Playing Video Games, Unbelievable!

Did you know, that gamers, (the term for player video games,who are called antisocial are, in fact, not like that? Do you know why?

One research explained that gamers could quickly master social skills, especially with friends and family.

Indirectly, when playing video games, you acquire the social skills required to value cooperation, support, and help one another.

Although not all video games, its like that, but many players of video games, have social skills, for example, being a helper for each other.

6. Improves Brain Health

Some things are even more unique and exciting! When you play a lot of video games, it can increase the size of the region in the brain. This means that the increased size of this area is the part of the brain responsible for the process of memory formation.

In addition, fine motor skills and strategic planning in the brain also increase. Can you imagine that?

This research was proven when the scientists asked the respondents to play video games, for 30 minutes and monitored them with an MRI machine. The result was increased activity in the cerebellum, right hippocampus, and right prefrontal cortex.

So, we can conclude that play video games, can improve brain health!

7. Has Multitasking Ability

8 Benefits of Playing Video Games, Unbelievable!

The ability to multitasking is the ability to do more than one activity at a time.

Research conducted in the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience, states that if you like to play video games,your ability to multitasking, will increase. Why? Because when you play video games, you are required to solve various problems at once. Isn't it right?

One of the video games, that can train your multitasking in video games, is to find materials. In video games, , you are asked to find items and practice them. So, indirectly you have to search while doing other things, namely clicking on the items that you have to secure.

Besides that, many more games can help you hone your multitasking skills. With this ability, you can do more than one thing simultaneously. So you can save time!

8. Reducing Trauma Symptoms

Trauma from an accident or something else makes it difficult for someone to carry out their daily activities. One solution to relieve it is to play video games,.

One hospital in Oxford once asked several accident patients to play games regularly. As a result, almost 62% can reduce the trauma of what they experienced. Well, in that way, playing games can be a therapy to reduce stress due to trauma.

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Those are some of the benefits of playing video games. However, keep in mind that even playing games has its share. Please only do it sometimes because it will negatively impact you too. Anything in excess is not good, okay?

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