the reason why children are lazy to study

7 Causes of Laziness of Children in Learning That You Should Know!

Causes of lazy children to learn – Does your child seem lazy to study?  Eits, there are many factors FYI, which is the cause of lazy children to learn! It is very likely that children are not just lazy to study, as parents and families, we need to pay attention to the child's condition completely.

However, sometimes we also have difficulty identifying the causes of lazy learning in children. In addition, children are also usually reluctant or difficult to tell the problems they are facing.

No need to worry, Whiz has collected 7 causes of lazy children to learn that you can check out!

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7 Causes of Laziness of Children in Learning That You Should Know!

the reason why children are lazy to study

Here are 7 reasons why children are lazy to study, let's see together!

1. Learning Difficulties

Maybe all this time the child is not lazy to learn, but he has difficulty in the learning process. It could be that the material being taught is too difficult for the child to understand and he does not understand how to solve it. As a result, children become demotivated to learn.

You can help your child by teaching the material, adding lessons, or by finding a learning method that works for your child.

2. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is the medical term for a mental disorder characterized by impulsive behavior and hyperactivity. In addition, people with ADHD will find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time.

If your child has ADHD, he or she may have difficulty concentrating while studying. We recommend that you consult with an expert regarding this disorder.

3. Sleep Problems

Sleep problems can be the cause of children being lazy to study. With sleep, our energy is collected again so that we can carry out activities with enthusiasm. If a child has trouble sleeping, of course this will affect their performance in learning. He will have difficulty concentrating due to lack of energy.

4. Not Interested

If the child learns something that is not in accordance with the field he is interested in, he may not feel motivated to learn it. There are several ways that can be done to increase children's motivation, first you can give rewarding if the child succeeds in studying diligently. You can give reward-via the Whiz application Curious on how to do it?

Second, you can give your child an understanding that all knowledge is important and this learning activity not only increases knowledge, but also trains discipline and concentration.

5. Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders or Anxiety Disorder can be a distraction that triggers the "laziness" of children in learning. If a child has this disorder, he or she can experience extreme anxiety when doing something, including studying.

As a result, he avoids things that can trigger feelings of anxiety. You should consult a doctor if your child is experiencing excessive anxiety.

6. Stress

Does the child have other activities that can trigger stress? If so, maybe the reason why children are lazy to study is because they are stressed about something. Make sure the reason why the child can stress and find a solution to the problem so that the child can focus on learning.

7. Malnutrition

Malnutrition or lack of nutrition can affect children's learning activities. Good and sufficient nutrition is needed to be able to think clearly and concentrate. Make sure the nutrition given to children is balanced and in accordance with their needs. Consult a nutritionist regarding this issue so that children can start learning smoothly.

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Those are 7 reasons why children are lazy to study, hopefully they can help you to find solutions to learning problems that children face.