10 Girls' Birthday Party Themes You Must Try!

Girls Birthday Party Themes – Birthday is a celebration that is only done once a year. Therefore, everyone wants to celebrate it with an exciting and memorable. Do you agree with that?

However, you may need clarification about determining the venue or theme for your birthday party. You also definitely have to think about the budget if you have to celebrate outside the house. Well, don't worry! This time, Whizmin has interesting birthday party themes for girls that you can try at home.

It's not bad if you don't need to pay for a place to rent. So, let's take a look at these unique themes!

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10 Birthday Party Themes for Girls

1. Pony (Unicorn)

10 Girls' Birthday Party Themes You Must Try!
Source: https://www.countryliving.com/entertaining/g31121455/unicorn-birthday/

Well, everyone's familiar with this one theme. For those who like colorful and cute unicorns, this can be used as your birthday party theme.

To make this unicorn theme exciting and not dull, you can invite a unicorn clown too! This clown can later guide your birthday party. Besides that, to make your birthday even more memorable. Tell the invitees to wear unicorn-style clothes too. Wow, that must be really fun!

2. Rainbow Party

10 Girls' Birthday Party Themes You Must Try!

Similar to the unicorn theme, you can also have a rainbow-themed party! For those who like bright colors, a rainbow can be used as your birthday theme.

Besides that, not only the interior, you can present the catering with rainbow nuances too, you know, aka colorful food and drinks! For example, you can order a rainbow cake for your birthday cake. Wow, this definitely adds to the nuances of your birthday and really attracts attention!

That's what we call in slang as eye-catching (attracts attention)! But, Whizmin also has ideas for the decoration! Here it is.

First, decorate your house with balloons and flowers according to the colors of the rainbow, of course. Second, you can use a dress by choosing a color that matches the color of the rainbow.

Please wear a colorful dress according to the colors of the rainbow. Tell your invitees to wear the same costume as you, okay? Third, you can also give some souvenirs like canvas and colored paints! souvenirs, like canvas and colored paints!

3. Mermaids

10 Girls' Birthday Party Themes You Must Try!
Source: https://id.pinterest.com/pin/129900770494672841/

Mermaid is also no less cute than the previous themes! The reason is this mermaid theme can challenge you to use the costume. It may be challenging to imitate (cosplay) a mermaid by wearing a mermaid costume. However, this can be a very memorable theme!

For those who are confused about the decoration, let's not miss it! First, decorate the venue with blue or sea green ornaments. Second, also order cakes with mermaid nuances. Third, you can give souvenirs to the invitees in the form of pearl necklaces or other mermaid-like objects.

4. Barbies

10 Girls' Birthday Party Themes You Must Try!
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEMzktHOAUY

Like unicorns, Barbie is also a familiar birthday party theme. Even so, it's also possible if you still want to use a Barbie theme for your birthday party. You can decorate it as attractive as possible, as well as the main event.

For example, if you want to be different, you can hold a fashion show with the outfits Barbie wears with the guests. Of course, for the winner, you can give a memorable prize . Wow, it's interesting, right?

5. Disney

Source: https://www.jesvenues.com/services/birthday-party-decorations/disney-theme-decoration-for-birthday-party-or-kids-party-vishakapatnam-BD1061.html

Now, is there any girl who does not like Disney? Most girls do like it! Disney also has various kinds of themes! Such as Princess, Frozen, Encanto, Moana, Coco, and many more. Choose the one you like the most, okay!

To make your birthday theme more lively, you can invite the guests to wear Disney costumes, according to the article. You can also ask clowns so that the atmosphere feels like you're in the Disney universe. Of course, remember to decorate your house as attractive as possible!

You can give souvenirs, like mugs or cutlery that match your Disney theme to the invitees. Wow, what fun it must be to come to your birthday!

6. Parisian Party

10 Girls' Birthday Party Themes You Must Try!
Source: https://fernandmaple.com/create-a-magical-paris-themed-1st-birthday/

Parisian parties are very interesting if you like traveling (going on vacations) or like the atmosphere of Paris. This Parisian theme is an elegant and very feminine theme. So, it is perfect for those of you who like the feel of this luxury.

Don't forget to also serve types of food from Paris, France, such as croissants or macarons. Wow, delicious!

7. Boho

Source: https://id.pinterest.com/pin/131378514117456362/

The Boho theme seems to be rarely used for birthday themes. If you like themes related to nature, the Boho theme might be the right choice for your party!

This is perfect too, if you want to be a little different from other birthday themes, the Boho theme is also cute and unique!

8. Hello Kitty

Source: https://thecraftingchicks.com/hello-kitty-party-backdrop/

Like Disney, who doesn't like the cute cat Hello Kitty? Most girls would agree that they like it! This theme is also perfect for you Hello Kitty lovers!

9. My Melody

Source: https://sweetsdelight.com/2015/07/21/my-melody-party/

Making this as your birthday party theme is also cute. My Melody is a cute little bunny character who always wears a hood. If your birthday theme is My Melody, you can also imitate (cosplay) the style of this character. It will be cute!

10. Polka Dots

Source: https://id.pinterest.com/pin/325877723006916191/

The polka dot theme is actually not much different from the rainbow one. This is because dot patterns also have various colors. But don't worry, there are many other things that make it different, one of them is the pattern itself.

The polka dot theme is also perfect for those of you who like retro nuances or styles of the past!

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How? Are you interested in the themes mentioned? Let's try one of them to make your birthday more memorable, both in your heart and in the hearts of the guests!

In order to make it happen, let's start setting aside some of your allowance from now on. Also, use the Whiz financial application. so that your financial condition remains stable. You can more easily manage your income and expenses too!