Come on, and Take Notes! 7 Ways to Save 200K in a Month

How to Save 200K a Month – Whizmate has 200 thousand a month, but confused about how to save it? Not infrequently, a mediocre salary makes us have obstacles to save. 

The reason is, the money is considered only enough to meet basic needs. However, in fact it can be overcome in various ways to save money 200 thousand a month.

Maybe, for those of you who are not used to living frugally, of course you will find it difficult to live it. However, it never hurts to try!

After all, by living frugally, you will also feel the benefits, such as saving money that is collected faster until you reach certain purchasing targets. However, how do you get started?

Come on, see more about 7 ways to save 200 thousand a month below! 

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7 Ways to Save 200K a Month

How to Save 200K a Month

1. Setting Goals to Save

Before implementing a frugal life, you must determine the goal or target. For example, Whizmate wants to save money so they can save money to buy a house. 

So, as much as possible don't forget to set a frugal goal, OK! Why? Because these targets will motivate you to consistently apply a frugal lifestyle. 

2. Prepare a Budget

calculating budget

You can set a budget for a certain period of time. For example, you set a budget for the next month. You can start by writing down the details of your needs along with the funds needed.

From there, Whizmate can find out which things must be fulfilled and which are just wishes. That way, you can reduce unnecessary expenses and save the rest of the money.

3. Separate Savings and Personal Money

Actually, this method is still related to the previous point, here! To save 200 thousand a month, Whizmate can separate funds for saving and personal needs. 

So, there are always funds that are not tampered with and used to save. That way, the money is not mixed up with other needed funds.

4. Bringing Food

saving money

Well, this one method is fairly simple, but quite effective! By bringing lunch from home, Whizmate can get various benefits.

Starting from guaranteed food hygiene, nutritional adequacy of food, to saving expenses. Maybe you can eat out occasionally, but you have to keep it under control! Remember to save targets so you can be enthusiastic about living it.

5. Take Advantage of Shopping Discounts and Promos

Whizmate can get the items you dream of by taking advantage of discounts and shopping promos. How do you do it? Well, you can start looking for various discount information and shopping promos through any social media.

That way, you can shop at the right time, namely when the product is on a promo or discount. However, don't forget to control yourself too! Make sure you buy just enough.

6. Using Public Transportation

The rise of public transportation is good news for the community. This is because public transportation has lower fares than public transportation online and other transportation. 

Indeed, sometimes it takes longer travel times due to transit. However, Whizmate can overcome this by leaving early.

7. Avoid Consumptive Nature

How to Save 200K a Month

When saving money, Whizmate must make sure that your needs are really needed. Don't be consumptive buying things that you don't really need.

Sometimes, if we have money, we are tempted to buy things that friends use or public figures. As a result, the money is only spent on secondary needs, while not all basic needs are met.

So, from now on, let's avoid consumptive behavior so that we can apply a frugal lifestyle and achieve the target of saving!

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Well, that's 7 ways to save 200 thousand a month. It looks simple, but getting started is definitely not easy, Whizmate. For that, try slowly until you get used to it.

In addition to saving money, you also need to control your financial condition through the Whiz financial application.. In it, Whizmate will find a “Pocket” feature to control the money collection process.

That way, recording the entry and exit of money becomes more practical so that the saving target can be achieved! Come on, try it! What are you waiting for?