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Smart Saver Funding

Smart Saver Funding: Learn How to Save Effortlessly

Smart Saver Funding – Start planning your financial future together with Smart Saver Whiz. Smart Saver is a long-term savings (deposit) product from Whiz that allows you to optimize profits from the money you save. Through collaboration with Economic Bank...

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Start Smart Saver Whiz

How to Save with Whiz Smart Saver

How to Save Smart Saver – Do you often make deposits? Or just want to try placing funds in a deposit? Now you don't need to bother going to the bank to place a deposit. Whiz comes with a modern solution through the Smart Saver Feature, providing...

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Whiz split bill scan

Whiz Split Bill Scan: Calculate Bills More Accurately!

Scan Split Bill – When you get together with friends at a cafe or a place to eat it is fun, but it will be difficult when the payment receipt arrives. Want to split the bill and calculate the division manually, it makes your head dizzy. Not to mention, if friends complain because...

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